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We design and produce content for formats with projection mapping and VR installations. 

From tutorials for the launch of an application or the irreverent video of an innovative artist. Through cooperation and synchronization, we build teams with virtual reality developers. We work hard to be effective for the current and future market, to create increasingly effective products and experiences.


Art installation directed by Intersection Studio / Spanish directors. Lapost took part in the visual creations, design and 3d modeling for VR environments

Ancla 1


CLIENT / HBO Latin America
3D / Felipe Reyes
LIVE ACT DIRECTION / Sergio Zaraza - Dafna Vallejo
COMPOSITION / Cristobal Hoyos - Jorge Reyes
MUSIC AND AUDIO / Lukas Manzano
COSTUME / Canela Tobón
PRODUCTION / Angélica Roncancio

For the second consecutive year we carried out / made with INNOV the content for the Cinemax Latin America Upfront, launch event for the channel's new productions and acquisitions

Ancla 2

Picotera battle 

Experience / Theme party that includes as an influence the traditional picó of the champetera parties 
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Party that was born as a celebration of the culture of the peak, the champeta and musical duels. Huge exponents of tropical music were brought together to serve as the soundtrack of a wild and joyful dance

Uber pool 

This project was made for the launch of Uber pool Colombia. For the campaign we created a VR experience with 360 glasses and invited several people to experience the Pool service. This project was a challenge to explore in post production, the tools to make motion graphics and editing for 360 video

DIRECTOR / Sergio Zaraza
Project management / Wanda Quintero
360 CAMERA / + Play
ediTOR/ Juan Sebastián Rodríguez
360 PRODUCTION / Daniel Morales
GENERAL PRODUCER   / Diana Moncada

the freaky 360

This was the first 360 experiment Lapost made. We wanted to create the first-person feel of a house with various types of crazy parties, from a private Yakuza to a bondage reunion. With the help of + Play and Nicolas Katime this project literally opened our vision to new forms of visual creation and fulfilled Lapost's premise of always being at the forefront

DIRECTOR / Wanda Quintrero and Nicolás Katime
band / El Freaky
producer / + Play
Album/ Sencillo suelto
ediTOR / Jhon Casas
360 CAMERA / + PLay
Executive production   / Diana Moncada

Return to the future

Ancla 3
Ancla 4
Ancla 5
Experience / theme party celebrating the arrival of Marty Mcfly and the Doc in the future on October 21, 2015.
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Our passion for music and the desire to innovate led us to create experiences for the brand through our parties. In the tribute party to Back to the Future we met more than 3,000 people and generated an experience that was very successful in networks. We take attendees to have an experience immersed within the film and its characters

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